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Natural Oak Boards in SW19 Wimbledon

A wonderfully decorated large space became more elegant and warm welcoming with these wide and long oak boards installed all throughout. The discretely integrated hearth frames which we crafted from the same boards as the floor made the whole design even smarter.

Having a traditional pine sub floor sanded and lacquered for several times in the past a we had to be careful with regards to the structural integrity.  The piano was a good example of a very heavy item causing the pine boards to crack as they were thinned through repeated sanding process. This deficiency was solved through installing new thick engineered boards by gluing them over. The subfloor structure got strengthened and less vibrating.

We had to abrade the lacquer surface to make sure that the adhesive will have a good grip onto the subfloor.

The surface was measured in different places to set the proper alignment aiming not to have awkward narrow cut boards around the hearth frames. This proved a bit of challenge due to the misalignment of the fireplaces and different sections of the walls. Luckily it wasn't the first time when we had to deal with the unique character of victorian homes.

Wooden Boards: Engineered Natural Oak Pre-Oiled OLNO/180 from The Natural Wood Floor CO

Dimensions: Width 180mm, Thickness 20mm, Length: various lengths.

Location: SW19 Wimbledon

Posted on 04/07/2017 by Alin Cristescu Home, Recent projects 0 357

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