Oak Engineered Boards flooring in Battersea, London

859 17-12-2015
A project with a variety of stages. We had to clear the old carpet, to undercut the skirting, to fit new skirting in storage, to apply liquid DPM over a small concrete surface, to build a seamless step to join the new engineered floor with the existing one in the most discreet manor possible...
Why quality wooden floors?

Why quality wooden floors?

2129 14-12-2015
Always choosing right materials and craftsmanship, is cheaper than any other option. A good advice is to contact a specialist in this field and ask his opinion. You will be surprised how many subtle issues could arise no matter you need a new wooden floor or trying to recover the old one.

Fitting Engineered Oak Coastal Grey

875 24-11-2015
How to get the feeling of a larger space? Wide boards as well as and long. You may see this effect on this project. We are glad that beside our craftsmanship we were asked to give ideas and advices over which is the best type of board to choose.

Bespoke Floating Shelves Made to Measure

1020 21-11-2015
After we completed the wooden flooring installation the client was so pleased with our craftsmanship that we were asked to create some additional custom floating shelves to store a large collection of books.

Oak Engineered Aged Parquet in Brixton, London

705 17-11-2015
Parquet is an everlasting category among all floor coverings. Because of this most of the time it is regarded as a classical feature. But if it's installed as a continuous simple floor, from wall to wall, without borders it can turn into a design feature with a touch of modern.

Original Pine Boards Restoration, Sanding & Painting, in Teddington, London

894 30-10-2015
There is a special and unmatched look found only with the refinishing of original pine floors. Yet many are disappointed when these floors start to lose part of their clean and sharp look. And this is quite normal as pine is a softwood actually one of the softest.

Indonesian Teak Decking in Wimbledon, London

1061 22-10-2015
We received a not so common request for us, to install an Indonesian Teak Decking. Thanks to the knowledge gained while working with my uncle and doing my apprenticeship - see About Us - I gladly accepted the project.

Oak Engineered Wood Flooring near Tower Bridge, London

959 02-10-2015
When walking over a hardwood floor, feeling well and relaxed by its presence and if there is nothing to stand out as a wrong aspect it means that under your feet there is a wonderful floor professionally installed.

Fitting Engineered Oak Natural

1418 25-09-2015
A rather tight space became a warm welcoming and spacious home due to the beautiful engineered wooden floor installed into the living room, bedroom, kitchen area and entrance hallway. The natural finish of these long boards matched perfectly with the historic architectural style actually emphasizing it.

Fitting Engineered Oak Grey White

867 10-09-2015
Another spectacular transformed flat. This time the superb wide boards were fitted on all the surface except kitchen and bathroom. Of course the space was made to feel larger as you probably got used with our projects when using the wide and long boards. Some of them were a bit difficult to maneuver due to their generous dimensions compared to the usual dimensions of room.


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