Original Pine Boards Restoration in Homerton, London

848 27-04-2016
We were called to restore these original pine boards. Due to repeated interventions during the past decades of plumbers and electricians the degradation process was accelerated for this floor.

Oak Engineered Wood Flooring in Wimbledon, London

1040 20-04-2016
Small surfaces are always a bit demanding compared larger ones because the details become of crucial importance. For this instance the integrated doormat and the seamless door sill helped to give the impression of a much bigger space.

Cork Floor Restoration at Metropolitan Tabernacle, Elephant and Castle, London

1761 16-04-2016
We were honoured to be chosen for such an important project: to restore the cork floor on aisles at the Metropolitan Tabernacle. The main purpose of this floor is to dampen the foot fall noise.

Fitting Engineered Oak Silver White, narrow boards

1134 14-04-2016
A new atmosphere was brought into this home with this superb wooden floor. Our client, a designer herself, carefully selected these boards for their colour, texture and character having in mind our recommendation for quality manufactured ones.
How to clean your wooden floor

How to clean your wooden floor

1621 06-04-2016
Setting up a regular cleaning routine will make taking care of your floor easy. Everyday dust and dirt are your floors' worst enemy. To protect your floor dust-mop, vacuum or sweep regularly. This will also give you a chance to regularly inspect the surface of your floor so any potential issues will be noticed early...


1100 05-04-2016
Previously lacquered floors will need to periodically be re-finished. If the floor has been maintained using wax-based polish or similar, the floor will have to be sanded back to bare wood prior to a new lacquer application. If just cleaners or freshening products were used it is possible to apply further coats of finish just with a light sanding. The floor must be cleaned and lightly abraded.
Protecting Your Wooden Floor

Protecting Your Wooden Floor

1519 01-04-2016
We hope you agree your newly installed hardwood floor looks beautiful. The floor has no dents, no scratches, no patches and it is in its best state. From now on only a proper maintenance will keep it looking this good. Here are a few things to consider.

Coastal Grey Oak Engineered Boards flooring in Clapham, London

1086 01-04-2016
Even with the simple projects our approach is the same. The project consisted in wooden flooring installation in two bedrooms with undercutting the skirting. Although the bedrooms were separated with the carpeted hallway we kept the same alignment.


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