Stair cladding

Stair cladding UK, wood covering for stairs

Stair cladding (wooden flooring on stairs, wood covering for stairs): when planning for a wooden floor consider the stair cladding too. You will be amazed of the total change of your home. Cladded stairs with the same wood as the floor is covered are a special feature not to often present. This design element may add refinement and value to your property.

Wood flooring for stairs: no easy task, this takes skill and real craftsmanship to successfully integrate your existing stairs with a new wood or timber floor. In many cases we have to manufacture bespoke stair no sings, threads and risers out of the chosen boards flooring to ensure a precise integrated look. Attention to such details and the ability to "marry for life" an old stair case with new flooring require experience and craftsmanship.

We delight in servicing stair cladding with beautiful results. Entrust us yours!

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