Best price practice

Fin Wood team working

We are dedicated in creating hardwood floors "crafted for life".


You can trust that we will always choose the best technical approach, the best suitable materials and the best available machinery for all our projects. For this we work hard in being constantly up to date with the latest innovations in the industry.
At Fin Wood, the craftsmanship, dedication and care are always highly valued thus our team is fairly compensated for these. Therefore you can be sure that our team can freely focus to accomplish your high expectations.


We set fair prices for all our services, aiming to justly cover all the involved costs without overcharging you. This allows us to avoid any “corner cutting”.
Constantly we check our prices against our competitors. If we find a competitor which is a specialized wood flooring installer offering a better price for the same individual service with the same conditions, at the same standards, we'll lower our price to match it.
All our quotations are carefully calculated based solely on the type and state of the sub-floor, area and perimeter, workmanship and skills involved as well as specific requirements.
Be assured that our price policy is not influenced by London areas or seasonality.  

Extended Services

Our service doesn't end with finishing the required work. "Crafted for Life" involves Quality, Reliability and Responsibility therefore we provide excellent additional services throughout the lifespan of your floor. For the years to come we offer maintenance, repair or restoration services.
You may freely contact us whenever is convenient for you to ask advices or consultation for your floor well being. For each project we keep an archive with technical information so even after many years we will have the knowledge to approach and solve any issue.


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