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Wooden Boards installation | Fitting engineered flooring

Hardwood floor installation: from solid wood or engineered type floor, each project that we start must reach your expectations. No matter how complex the task is, we follow the highest quality standards.

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Fitting engineered dark boards: there is an elegant sophistication that engineered dark floors display. Whether it’s the mystery behind the dark colour or it’s the dramatic feeling they bring to interiors, engineered...
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Fitting engineered light boards: like the walls, a floor is a blank canvas and can set the design tone for the rest of the room. When choosing a light engineered flooring get inspired from your current ambiance as...
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Solid wood flooring London: there’s a unique elegance in a natural look solid wood floor. The beauty of natural wood lies in its infinite and peculiar variations in knots, grains and colour. Through these, once solid...
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Access panels for Wooden floor: sometimes there is a wine cellar under the subfloor or just a storage cellar which is accessed through a hatch. We will transform this hatch into a crafted access panel perfectly...
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Grey oak engineered flooring: coastal grey oak flooring is becoming more popular. It offers a more neutral palette that can assorted with intense furnishings. Many auction houses exhibit prized items on matte grey...
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Engineered Walnut Flooring: Walnut flooring has a unique style which combines opulence and durability. Engineered Walnut flooring are amongst the most beautiful and are currently becoming more fashionable for...
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Distressed oak flooring: or rustic oak flooring can be an amazing solution to achieve that mountain chalet look. If the most natural feel possible is required then this is the wooden floor we recommend. It is also a...
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Mixing different widths of hardwood floors. Random width boards are a design feature that will make your wooden floor look more natural and relaxed. Our great-grandfathers were using the resources more efficient and...
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