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Materials used in wood flooring: Sometimes, is difficult to choose from many available options concerning flooring. Here you can find few advice witch we hope, will help you to take the right decision, according with architecture, destination, aspect, floor base, costs, and many other criteria concerning flooring. You can also find principals in flooring for each type of common option.

  • Chipboard or plywood for subfloor

    Chipboard or plywood for subfloor

    A long lasting solid hardwood floor is heavily influenced by the quality of the sub-floor. When it comes to types of sub-floors there is a wide range but we will focus on the two most often used in modern buildings.Read More

    01/02/2017 Home, Materials 0 1431
  • Regupol 3912 and WAKOL TS 102 (WAKOL TS 103)

    Regupol 3912 and WAKOL TS 102 (WAKOL TS 103)

    Brief comparison between Regupol 3912 and WAKOL TS 102 (WAKOL TS 103): first of all is good to know that these products are designed to reduce the impact sound like the footfall, dropping objects etc. They are not meant to be used as a standalone soundproofing solution.Read More

    05/05/2016 Home, Materials 0 820
  • Why quality wooden floors?

    Why quality wooden floors?

    Always choosing right materials and craftsmanship, is cheaper than any other option. A good advice is to contact a specialist in this field and ask his opinion. You will be surprised how many subtle issues could arise no matter you need a new wooden floor or trying to recover the old one.Read More

    12/14/2015 Home, Materials, Expert Advice 0 1075

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