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We are prepared to deliver a complete flooring service through our extensive knowledge, high performance equipment, rigorous planing and constant high standard of workmanship. You can rely on our professionalism for carefully removing the existing floor covering, sub-floor treatment and preparation, hardwood floor installation, stairs cladding, oil or lacquer finishing, original pine boards painting, hardwood floor restoration, repairs and maintenance.

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  • Wooden Boards installation

    Wooden Boards installation

    <p><strong>Hardwood floor installation:</strong> from <strong>solid wood</strong> or <strong>engineered type floor</strong>, each project that we start must reach your expectations. No matter how complex the task is, we follow the highest quality standards.</p> <p>Browse our <strong>hardwood floor installation</strong> services and choose the one that suits you!</p>
  • Parquet flooring

    Parquet flooring

    <p><strong>Parquet flooring</strong>: a <strong>parquet wooden floor</strong> is timeless in terms of looks and design. Of course is better suited in classical home or into a victorian decoration. Although, if the battens are well chosen, this type of floor may be a fantastic feature in a modern ambient. <strong></strong>The beauty of a <strong>parquet floor</strong> lies in the pattern which starts from the most common, <strong>herringbone</strong>, and may end where imagination ends. Also there are many options for the <strong>floor perimeter</strong>. You may opt for single or double border, with inset, with the corners mitered or you may just keep everything simple putting the emphasis on the <strong>natural beauty of the wood</strong>.</p> <p>Of course these kind of projects do require planning ahead, skills, time and patience but we are always prepared to meet your high expectations with our craftsmanship...</p> <p>The <strong>engineered parquet</strong> was designed to cope well with humidity variations in the surrounding air and to be suitable for UHF (<strong>underfloor heating</strong>).</p>
  • Stair cladding

    Stair cladding

    <p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Stair cladding</strong> (<strong>wooden flooring on stairs</strong>, <strong>wood covering for stairs</strong>): when planning for a wooden floor consider the <strong>stair cladding</strong> too. You will be amazed of the total change of your home. <strong>Cladded stairs</strong> with the <strong>same wood as the floor</strong> is covered are a special feature not to often present. This design element may add refinement and value to your property.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Wood flooring for stairs</strong>: no easy task, this takes skill and real craftsmanship to successfully integrate your <strong>existing stairs</strong> with a<strong> new wood or timber floor</strong>. In many cases we have to manufacture bespoke stair no sings, threads and risers out of the chosen boards flooring to ensure a precise integrated look. Attention to such details and the ability to "marry for life" an <strong>old stair case</strong> with <strong>new flooring</strong> require experience and craftsmanship.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">We delight in servicing <strong>stair cladding</strong> with beautiful results. Entrust us yours!</p>
  • Hardwood floor restoration

    Hardwood floor restoration

    <p><strong>Hardwood floor restoration</strong>: Your're contemplating now how beautiful your <strong>hardwood floor</strong> looked once. Time, heavy traffic and the general wear and tear of a busy modern home have taken their toll on your <strong>hardwood floor</strong>. As we believe a <strong>hardwood floor</strong> should last for life we can revive and bring your floor back to its original glory. Of course we do this using techniques to carefully sand just as much as needed. Thus we avoid shortening the years of your floor. </p> <p>So often we see around us how these interventions are done aggressively, removing a thick layer of wood and leaving your floor on the final stage of its life. </p> <p>If you are concerned about dust we are happy to tell that you'll be amazed how clean can be our <strong>sanding process</strong>. Try us! </p>
  • Original pine boards finishing

    Original pine boards finishing

    <p><strong>Original pine boards finishing</strong>: Our motto is "<strong>crafted for life</strong>" and all our projects are focused on this. Yet, when it comes to <strong>pine</strong> we feel in a way betrayed. <strong>Pine is a softwood</strong>, very sensitive to moisture variations, prone to all sorts of movements. And this will have always an impact on our wonderful results. This is the reason for which we do not recommend to invest money and time in a <strong>pine restoration</strong> project.</p> <p>Still, you might actually want a <strong>rustic look</strong> and feel, underlined by minor cracks, gaps, cups, warps and squeaks which will develop as the seasons will pass. </p> <p>Then we are delighted to work on such a project. If a paint finish is preferred we highly recommend based on our past experience the floor paint from Farrow & Ball. </p>
  • Furniture elements

    Furniture elements

    <p style="text-align: justify;">You have the <strong>beautiful new hardwood floors</strong>, you love them, and now you need to find the <strong>perfect furniture piece</strong> to <strong>complement or match</strong> them. This can be a challenge – how do you highlight the <strong>natural elegance</strong> of your <strong>new floors</strong> while choosing <strong>interesting and unique furniture</strong> that you also love? Well... We can do for you some <strong>unique furniture pieces</strong> from the <strong>same wood used for floors</strong>. In general, contrast is always welcome, but sometimes a touch of matching can really bring a space together.</p>
  • End Grain Flooring

    End Grain Flooring

    <p><strong>End grain flooring</strong> is a unique type of <strong>wood tile flooring</strong>. Traditional <strong>wood flooring</strong> is made of <strong>planks or block sawn lengthwise</strong>. The <strong>end grain flooring</strong> on the other hand is made of <strong>wooden blocks sawn</strong> crosswise to the grain. Onto the surface are plainly visible the annual rings of the tree. For this reason such <strong>wooden floors are unique and special</strong>.<br /><br /><strong>End Grain Flooring</strong> brings such a combination of <strong>warmth, durability, and lifelike feeling</strong>, providing your home with a striking feature.  <br /><br />Back in the older times was used for <strong>street paving</strong> and <strong>factory floors</strong>. With the arrival of modern technologies they were set aside and replaced with more advanced industrial floors. <br />The <strong>end grain parquet flooring</strong> has proven the test of time as it still may be found in some preserved buildings. <br /><br /><strong>End grain wooden floors</strong> are available in various wood species like <strong>Acacia</strong>, <strong>Ash</strong>, <strong>Birch</strong>, <strong>Cherry</strong>, <strong>Chestnut</strong>, <strong>Elm</strong>, <strong>Fir</strong>, <strong>Iroko</strong>, <strong>Maple</strong>, <strong>Oak</strong>, <strong>Pine</strong>, <strong>Teak</strong> and many more.</p>

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