Free consultation

Free consultation for wood flooring workmanship

"At Fin Wood we strive for excellence and all our floors are crafted for life.
A successful project always starts with our first meeting. We consider this meeting as one of most influential stage for your floor.
For this reason we take the time and patience to explain in detail all the aspects which you have to consider before taking the right decision for your floor. During this meeting you will receive all the answers for the questions that you already have. You will be amazed what a long term impact can have an apparently minor decision.

Of course the sub-floor will be checked in the accessible areas for structure stability, inclination and risk of damp. According to the existing layout an alignment will be suggested so to best value the precious wooden floor. Although the drawings can help we prefer to laser measure the surface and perimeter as so many times differences were found.
After our meeting you should expect to receive into your inbox a detailed quotation which will reflect all aspects discussed.

Why we offer for FREE all this time consuming effort? Actually it is not totally for free because our aim is the long term and what we do today will have an impact over the years. To deliver "crafted for life" floors we need your partnership and so we need to share our knowledge with you. Especially nowadays when so many come around to offer solutions based on corner cutting without telling the reality.

Upon your request we can provide the quotation in a 24h time frame.
Although it is in our interest too to present the quotation, please consider that due to reasonable motives we reserve the right of declining your quotation request."


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