Products used in wood flooring

One of the key components for us, in delivering quality hardwood floors, are the additional products used for fitting, fixing and finishing. We have an extensive and valuable knowledge in choosing the ones which best suit for your floor conditions. Here you'll be able to know the main products used frequently by us, recognized for outstanding quality: adhesives, skirting boards, trims & mouldings, soundproofing, underlay & UPVC membrane, wooden floor finish, liquid DPM & concrete sub-floor repair, oak boards unsealed, wooden floor protection - coir matting & felt pads, plywood and so on...

  • Adhesives for glued hardwood floors

    Adhesives for glued hardwood floors

    <p style="text-align:justify;"><strong>Adhesives for glued hardwood floors</strong>: <strong>w</strong><span><strong>ood floor adhesives</strong> work by creating a bond between the substrate and the flooring through a chemical reaction.</span><span> While all <strong>adhesives</strong> work on the same principle of changing from a liquid to a solid state, they differ by the carrying agent or catalyst that activates them. The most common types of <strong>wood flooring adhesives</strong> include: <strong>water based</strong>, <strong>solvent based</strong>, <strong>urethane based</strong> (moisture-cure) and <strong>powder adhesives. </strong>Although it may look like a simple choice which <strong>adhesive</strong> should be used, we always select the adhesive according to the type of boards to be installed and their dimensions. The <strong>adhesives</strong> that we use will successfully bond to almost any substrate.<strong> <br /></strong></span></p>
  • Skirting boards

    Skirting boards

    <p>Everyone wants a crisp neat look to their <strong>wood floor</strong>. To achieve this, by far the best way is to have the <strong>wood floor fitted beneath the skirting boards</strong>. The alternative being with the use of a moulding or beading to cover the required expansion gap that’s left to allow the <strong>wood floor</strong> to expand.</p>
  • Trims and mouldings

    Trims and mouldings

    <p style="text-align:justify;">The purpose of <strong>hardwood flooring trim</strong> is to complete the look of a <strong>flooring project</strong> by <strong>covering edges and gaps</strong>, <strong>hiding joints</strong> left for expansion and contraction, and <strong>bridging areas</strong> where one floor covering ends and another one begins. <strong>Hardwood trims and mouldings</strong> are functional, yet important decorative components that enhance the beauty of a <strong>hardwood flooring installation</strong>.</p>
  • Soundproofing


    <p style="text-align:justify;"><strong>Soundproofing a hardwood floor</strong>: every type of <strong>floor</strong> has its own <strong>unique soundproofing need</strong>, therefore there are several possible solutions and products to consider. Here are some products that we use to accomplish this.</p> <p style="text-align:justify;">It is recommended to keep a clear distinction between <strong>soundproofing</strong> and <strong>impact sound reduction</strong>. <strong>Soundproofing</strong> involves extensive work and specialized materials to block the airborne noise being transmitted through the floor like the sound from a TV or from just talking. This type of work is mainly associated with building stages.</p> <p style="text-align:justify;">Actually, most of the time, the impact <strong>sound reduction</strong> is required so to minimize the footfall sound or noise from dropping hard objects. This approach is often more accessible.</p>
  • Underlay


    <p style="text-align:justify;"><strong>Hardwood flooring underlay</strong>: the <strong>underlay</strong> is used only for <strong>hardwood floors fitted floating</strong>. Its main purpose is to compensate the minor irregularities of the <strong>sub-floor</strong> and to provide <strong>stability</strong> for the <strong>hardwood boards</strong>. We do not recommend the <strong>underlay</strong> to be used for parquet. Some of these products are aslo used to <strong>short circuit impact noise</strong> as well as help block the transmission of airborne sound and represents an excellent <strong>moisture barrier</strong>.</p>
  • Wooden floor finish

    Wooden floor finish

    <p style="text-align:justify;"><strong>Wooden floor finish</strong>: the right finishing products, <strong>protects wood flooring</strong> from <strong>wear</strong>, <strong>dirt</strong> and <strong>moisture</strong> while giving the wood an <strong>attractive color</strong> and <strong>sheen</strong>, enhancing its natural beauty. Today most <strong>wood floors</strong> are finished with a stain and a top coat. In our projects, we use many technologies that conform to specific or wide selection of <strong>wood flooring finishes</strong>, each with its own distinct benefits and appearances.</p>
  • Liquid and UPVC DPM, concrete sub floor repair

    Liquid and UPVC DPM, concrete sub floor repair

    <p><strong>Liquid and UPVC DPM, concrete sub floor repair</strong>: the <strong>substrate</strong> has an overwhelming influence upon the life span and good looks of your <strong>wooden floor</strong>. So many times a proper assessment is actually neglected and precious <strong>hardwood floors</strong> are ruined. </p> <p>For the safety and durability of your <strong>hardwood floor</strong> we insist in protecting it using Liquid DPM (<strong>Damp Proof Membrane</strong>) for screeds, UPVC membranes for pine boards and epoxy mortar for cracked or loose screed areas.</p>
  • Oak boards - unsealed

    Oak boards - unsealed

    <p><strong>Oak boards - unsealed</strong>: with different lengths, widths and thickness, these <strong>boards</strong> are commonly used in various tasks like: <strong>stair cladding</strong>, <strong>customized thresholds</strong>, <strong>shelves</strong>, <strong>cabinetry</strong> and any other <strong>ad-hoc carpentry tasks</strong>. <strong>Oak wood</strong> is known for its over time durability and elegant appearance to. It can be finish in many ways to get the maximum control over the final appearance.</p>
  • Wooden Floor Protection

    Wooden Floor Protection

    <p style="text-align:justify;"><strong>Wooden Floor Protection</strong> - <strong>Coir Matting</strong> and <strong>Felt Pads</strong>: <strong>Coir mats</strong> are the ideal solution for <strong>protecting your floor</strong>, if placed right at the entrance, as they will catch the wet dirt from outside. Also the <strong>felt pads</strong> fitted under the <strong>furniture legs</strong> will keep you beautiful floor safe from scratches. In different sizes and shapes, felt pads strong adhesive sticks to furniture feet to <strong>protect wood</strong> and <strong>hard floors</strong> from scratching and marking. Protect your <strong>hardwood floor</strong>!</p>
  • Plywood


    <p style="text-align:justify;"><strong>Plywood</strong>: the new installed <strong>hardwood floor</strong> is as good as its sub-floor is. Guided on this basic rule, we give a special attention to sub-floor witch must be clean, dry and flat before wood flooring goes down. <strong>Plywood sheets</strong> are mainly used for <strong>repairing</strong>, <strong>strengthening</strong> and / or levelling the sub-floors resting on joists. At times all the <strong>original pine boards</strong> may have to be replaced to achieve a suitable base layer.</p>

Sikabond T52 FC Elastic wood flooring adhesive: is a gun or trowel applied elastic wood flooring adhesive for use with any width board. It is also used in conjunction with silent layer mats as part of the AcouBond...
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