10 Years wormanship waranty


#CraftedForLife is Long-lasting

It might sound old fashioned in a quick, changing digital world but I strongly believe that good wooden floors ought to last for a lifetime. Only skilled craftsmanship adds such longevity to woodwork. I often marvel at the traditional techniques used on old hardwood floors laid hundreds of years ago. Like the craftsmen of old we strive for longevity in both the installation and construction of the wooden floor. Crafted for life means quality craftsmanship, long-lasting and well done. Since Fin Wood was established in 2013 it has proudly been crafting for life.

Old hand made oak vintage chevron parquet installed in Victorian kitchen Fin Wood #CraftedForLife

#CraftedForLife is Practical

As beautiful as we think our floors are, we realise they are for living and not just admiring (although we can’t resist appreciating the beauty of parquet borders!). We recommend practical choices for your floor such as oiled finishes for easier maintenance and fitted coir mats to help keep the floor clean day to day. From the first contact we are there with you right until project handover. We look forward to the opportunity of working for you and crafting your home to suit your needs.

Practical functional natural beautiful simple random width oak hardwood flooring Fin Wood #CraftedForLife

#CraftedForLife is Sustainable

Wood is one of the most sustainable resources. It’s biodegradable, renewable and recyclable. Wood flooring is constructed from natural materials and a good quality floor is naturally sustainable. We choose the most suitable installation methods and use good quality, eco-friendly materials to make floors last. We also renovate and deep clean older wooden floors to give them a new lease of life.

Wood is one of the most sustainable resources #CraftedForLife

10 years workmanship warranty

Because we craft for life we expect our floors to stay down and together with all joints in place and no loose pieces. We stand by our words and are pleased to offer a 10 year workmanship warranty to all our customers, under normal household use.

In addition to our highly skilled team, we use the best tools available in the market and only the finest installation materials. We have the highest degree of confidence in our service and would like to offer all our residential customers this special warranty.

10 year workmanship warranty #CraftedForLife

Aftercare service

Even with the best workmanship most floors are likely to suffer from everyday wear and tear. This might be small scratches or damage to one or more parts of the floor. Anything from a deep clean or full restoration i.e. sanding may be needed. Our aftercare services can help with all of this. At any point after the installation we are happy to visit you to assess the damage and provide free advice. We will either support a DIY solution or arrange for one of our team to carry out whatever maintenance is needed.

Hardwood flooring after care services maintenance deep cleaning services for wooden floors Fin Wood #CraftedForLife


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