Adhesives for glued hardwood floors

Adhesives for glued hardwood floors

Adhesives for glued hardwood floors: wood floor adhesives work by creating a bond between the substrate and the flooring through a chemical reaction. While all adhesives work on the same principle of changing from a liquid to a solid state, they differ by the carrying agent or catalyst that activates them. The most common types of wood flooring adhesives include: water based, solvent based, urethane based (moisture-cure) and powder adhesives. Although it may look like a simple choice which adhesive should be used, we always select the adhesive according to the type of boards to be installed and their dimensions. The adhesives that we use will successfully bond to almost any substrate.

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Sikabond T52 FC Elastic wood flooring adhesive: is a gun or trowel applied elastic wood flooring adhesive for use with any width board. It is also used in conjunction with silent layer mats as part of the AcouBond...
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