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About us

Hi! My name is Alin Cristescu and I own and run Fin Wood Ltd. I'm specialised in wood floor installation and finishing and I do this with passion. Fin Wood Ltd. About company
The details are making the difference between an exceptional floor and an ordinary one. I love and respect the wood and such a noble material has to be crafted and not just fitted.

The most important guide line for me is excellency. I strive for it and I apply it in everything I do. In excellency there is no room for compromise.

How I started?

Woodworking has been in my family for 3 generations. My grandfather was a joiner. As a young boy I admired those old school tools which he was using. At that time everything was built by hand. I can say that he was a proper joiner who could literally fabricate his own tools. He was followed by my uncle, his son which continued, after the apprenticeship, to work joinery for a while. As the demand for wood floors grew he also moved towards it and got specialised. Now he is working mostly wooden floors. Myself, I was his apprentice, so I learned this trade from my uncle. I can say that I was blessed in having the opportunity to be taught by an experienced professional. The main advantage in this is the low number of mistakes done as he passed me his experience and trade secrets. Now I work independently but I'm grateful to my uncle for this wonderful trade.
Fin Wood Ltd About company

With whom I team up?

Only with professionals or people who genuinely want to learn the trade. I prefer to be accompanied by a small number of dedicated people with which I can provide excellent results. Of course no matter how skilled a tradesman is if he is not being respected hardly he will achieve high standards at the end of the day. So the wages have to be accordingly, and I keep this as a rule. I prefer to work with a few happy, willingly and well paid tradesmen then with lots grumpy, dissatisfied and poorly paid operatives.

The name: Fin Wood?

  •     wood is beautiful - in Swedish and Norwegian “fin” means beauty; these people do really understand the beauty of wood;
  •     finish - there is no home without wood and the best way to enjoy the presence of wood is a wooden floor; a home becomes warm when is completed, finished with a wooden floor;
  •     subject of my work - wood is the material used in 99% of my work; all my activity is perfectly adapted to woodworking, especially the tools and machinery.

Why “crafted for life”?

I might sound old fashioned compared to quick changing nowadays but I strongly believe that woodworks and mostly wooden floors have to last for entire decades. When I meet 100 years old hardwood floors I can only marvel at them and at those traditional techniques.
Only craftsmanship adds longevity to woodwork.

All the best,
Alin Cristescu

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