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    <p>We are prepared to deliver a complete <strong>flooring service</strong> through our extensive knowledge, high performance equipment, rigorous planing and constant high standard of workmanship. You can rely on <strong>our professionalism</strong> for carefully <strong>removing the existing floor covering</strong>, <strong>sub-floor treatment and preparation</strong>, <strong>hardwood floor installation</strong>, <strong>stairs cladding</strong>, <strong>oil or lacquer finishing</strong>, <strong>original pine</strong> <strong>boards painting</strong>, <strong>hardwood floor restoration</strong>, <strong>repairs and maintenance</strong>.</p> <p><span xml:lang="en" lang="en">We hope that you will find here what are you looking for!</span></p>
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    <p style="text-align:justify;">One of the key components for us, in delivering <strong>quality hardwood floors</strong>, are the additional products used for <strong>fitting</strong>, <strong>fixing</strong> and <strong>finishing</strong>. We have an extensive and valuable knowledge in choosing the ones which best suit for your floor conditions. <span xml:lang="en" lang="en">Here you'll be able to know the <strong>main products</strong> used frequently by us, recognized for <strong>outstanding quality</strong>: <strong>adhesives</strong>, <strong>skirting boards</strong>, <strong>trims &amp; mouldings</strong>, <strong>soundproofing</strong>, <strong>underlay &amp; UPVC membrane</strong>, <strong>wooden floor finish</strong>, liquid DPM &amp; <strong>concrete sub-floor repair</strong>, <strong>oak boards</strong> unsealed, <strong>wooden floor protection</strong> - coir matting &amp; felt pads, <strong>plywood</strong> and so on...<br /></span></p>

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Stair Cladding - Modern look: the modern cladded stairs look solid and pure. They possess a strong sculptural quality and have a very commanding presence in the overall design. These stairs, as beautiful as they are,...
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Mixing different widths of hardwood floors. Random width boards are a design feature that will make your wooden floor look more natural and relaxed. Our great-grandfathers were using the resources more efficient and...
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OAK veneer 2000x160x5mm: available in 5mm thickness, these boards are very versatile solutions, commonly used in various joinery tasks like: Stair cladding, Customised thresholds, Shelves, Cabinetry, Ad-hoc carpentry...
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