Time to maintain your oil finished floor?

Time to maintain your oil finished floor?

1204 30-03-2016
From time to time your wooden floor will need to be refreshed to increase its longevity. Our motto is to install wood flooring ‘crafted for life’ and we want to help you achieve this for your floor. Occasionally oiling your wooden floor will refresh the top coat of oil and will preserve the character and beauty of your wooden floor.

A very chic wooden floor with a change of direction

1566 29-03-2016
If properly approached a small surface can turn a regular floor into an exceptionally beautiful one. First we recommended as the best choice wide and long boards as they will give the impression of a larger area.

Beautiful Engineered Oak Floor installed in Dulwich

927 26-03-2016
A rather technical project with many stages especially on the sub-floor preparation. The old thermoplastic tiles removed after which the screed needed to be grinded so a flat surface was obtained.

Engineered Oak Flooring and Finishing in Earlsfield, London

635 26-03-2016
Although not a big surface, the aimed effect was achieved: with the wide an long boards the room and hallway were really made to look more spacious.

Beautiful aged oak parquet with wooden flooring on stairs

2873 17-03-2016
Wood flooring: all was carefully planned ahead: moving and protecting the furniture to allow us to work safely; the special sub-floor preparation for parquet; the steps preparation for stairs cladding; the alignment for parquet; and the actual installation.

Grey Engineered Oak Flooring, Finsbury Park, London

1090 04-03-2016
When fitting a wooden floor over different surfaces aiming to create a unity between them things get a bit difficult. Especially when the space is tight too. But the feeling of achievement is unparalleled when the our customer's requests are fulfilled.


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