Why quality wooden floors?

Always choosing right materials and craftsmanship, is cheaper than any other option. A good advice is to contact a specialist in this field and ask his opinion. You will be surprised how many subtle issues could arise no matter you need a new wooden floor or trying to recover the old one.
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Why quality wooden floors?

Reasons for a quality wooden flooring

  • is cheaper
  • time saving
  • less hassle
  • will last for many decades
  • no endless frustration
  • no "shame" factor

Indeed is much cheaper. Each wooden floor poorly installed at one time has to be repaired, if possible. But from my experience there isn't much to be done as the wood was already cut and it can, and like any other irreversible process, can not be readjusted. And also, similar wood is not available any more for replacing, usually the worst parts. So in this situation the common solution is to rip off the existing floor and go for a proper wooden floor this time. Now a simple arithmetic does this:

Proper engineered wood + South-east Asia wood (added cost) +
Craftsmanship + Handy work (added cost) +
Quality materials Pound shop materials (added cost) +
Labour for ripping it off (added cost) +
Rubbish disposal (added cost) +
Proper engineered wood +
Craftsmanship +
Quality materials
------------------------------- -------------------------------
The fair cost of a proper wooden floor The EXPENSIVE POORELY fitted wooden floor

Now it is obvious by comparing the above that a quality wooden flooring will be also a time saver if done properly from the beginning.

When concluding that the existing wooden floor has to be replaced, it comes as a shock most of time. And that because it's the moment of realisation. On top of all these, it happens after all the furniture is in place and your life is settled. Now the hassle is huge compared to the inconvenience from the initial installation.

Is hard to understand, but there are considerable forces and tensions in a wooden floor, and they are bigger as the surface gets bigger. For this reason a quality built engineered board combined with craftsmanship will ensure a long life span for your lovely wooden floor (there are wooden floors which are over 100 years old).

A poorly fitted wooden floor has lots of visible flaws (gaps, wired bounciness, bad cuts filled with pealing sealant, or not, etc). These details will be a source of stress and frustration holding you from really enjoying your home, especially considering the significant amount already spent.

We all have friends, and some of them may have wooden floors too. But theirs look so much better. The quality is visible right from the entrance. Now is hard to return the invitation knowing that a rouge builder butchered my floor. And this is what I call "the shame factor"...

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