Beautiful babies and beautiful wood floors

Top 5 reasons why wooden floors are great for newborns and infants: First of all many congratulations if you are new parents or parents to be. Welcoming a beautiful new baby to the world is an exciting time and there are all sorts of changes for you to embrace.
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Beautiful babies and beautiful wood floors


First of all many congratulations if you are new parents or parents to be. Welcoming a beautiful new baby to the world is an exciting time and there are all sorts of changes for you to embrace. How to keep your wood floor beautiful with a baby may not have been top of your list or even an issue you had considered. But here are a few reasons why your wood floor is already baby friendly.

wood floor is already baby friendly

1. Easy to clean

Any parent will appreciate what a valuable feature ‘easy to clean’ is. Babies are messy bundles and will place new strains on your wooden floor. In our experience some of the earliest challenges are spillages from burping and sick babies and then sloppy food from excitable weaning babies.

Wood is actually a natural shock absorber

As wood flooring is harder and has a flat surface, most spillages will rest above the surface, and can be rectified with a quick once over with a mop or cloth. The main thing is to wipe it quickly after the spill. This is a valuable asset for newborns, infants and even older children! There is lots of advice on the website about how best to clean your specific type of hardwood floor - Top 5 care tips for Wooden Floors .

Baby mess and vomit is bad news for carpets, which absorbs fluids, creates stains and which can be difficult to clean. This can cost you time, and in worse cases, money too.

2. Safe

From tummy time, learning to crawl and walk, you and your baby are likely to spend more and more time on the floor. Some parents are put off by real wood flooring, thinking that it may be too hard for children to play on. Accidents are inevitable in any family home, so it’s only natural that you’ll want to minimise as much harm as possible, but the truth is, wood flooring isn’t as hard as you might first think! Wood is actually a natural shock absorber, and proves far softer than tiles or laminate.

When combined with a thick, high quality underlay, wood flooring is even better at pacifying any nasty falls and bumps, and, in most cases, shouldn’t hurt your children one bit.

We’ve noticed many families with very little ones are using soft foam mats to create a fun play area. These are usually super soft and colorful, easy to clean and they come in a variety of styles. They protect your hardwood floors from scratches and they give your baby a fun soft place to play.

give your baby a fun soft place to play

3. Renewable

Although spillages are easy to fix, what about more serious damage and scratches from buggies, high chairs and toys? With other flooring materials, this is a very real problem. But thankfully, wood flooring can be sanded and refinished, removing the need for arduous and costly reinstallation. Whilst this shouldn’t be necessary for at least 10 years, being able to sand away damages is an excellent safety net, and proves completely unique to real wood flooring.

4. Natural product

Another big advantage of real wood flooring is that it is completely organic and natural. If you spend your time researching the best natural and organic foods for your baby you can rest assured that your wood floor supports your efforts to give your baby the very best start.

Wood floor make it a good long term investment

Real wood flooring improves the air quality within your home, and doesn’t trap dust, debris, and other harmful allergens within the board. Other materials such as carpet and laminate are full of volatile organic compounds which can be hazardous to your children, and to the environment. Find out more about the environmental benefits of your wooden floor in our expert advice blog - A great wood floor shouldn’t cost the earth

5. Good investment

In the UK hardwood is the most preferred flooring type for the home. It’s stylish, timeless and incredibly durable (can last 100+ years). Hardwood floors undoubtedly improve the value of your family home and make it a good long term investment of your precious family finances.

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