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Top 5 care tips for Wooden Floors

Top 5 care tips for Wooden Floors

A wooden floor is an investment and with a little bit of care and attention, should last for generations.  Just look at the wooden floors in stately homes - these have been down for years and have aged gracefully in line with their surroundings.  You may not be in your home for that long, but it still definitely pays to look after your wood floor and keep it in the best possible condition.  All you need to do is follow these simple top tips and you will be rewarded with a beautiful wooden floor for years to come.

Top 5 care tips for Wooden Floors

1). Keep it clean.  Loose dust and dirt is a ‘no no’ for wooden floors, especially coarse grit which could scratch your floor.  Sweep or hoover regularly.  If you opt for hoovering, be sure to use a special wood floor attachment, if one is available.  If not, use an upholstery attachment or turn off the rotating bristle bar as these are too harsh for wooden floors.

2). Avoid using excessive moisture.  Mops should be damp, not soaking wet.  Too much water could cause your floor to expand, swell and warp, so is definitely best avoided.

3). Be careful of household cleaners.  Don’t rely on cleaning products from supermarkets.  Polish will turn your floor into an ice rink, washing up liquid will leave a residue on the wood and a lot of household cleaners contain abrasives which could scratch your floor.  Instead use a specialist product from an established company such as Bona or Osmo (se our recommended product list below).  Be sure to use the correct product depending on the finish of your floor.

4). Treat your floor to an annual deep clean.  It’s definitely worth using a specialist treatment to restore your floor as small scratches will appear over time.  To apply a new hardwearing, protective coat and fill in any minor marks, you will just need a mop and bucket.  Oiled floors will require a liquid wax solution while lacquered floors need a polish.  Only the areas that are walked on need to be treated, making it a quick and easy job.

5). Place mats in entrances so you don’t walk dirt through your house and on to your wooden floor.    Less muck on the floor means less cleaning - which is always a bonus!

These are the products that we like to use;
Bona Wood Floor Cleaners
Two different products depending on the finish of your floor.  The varnish cleaner has a special ‘non-streaking’ formula to clean away the toughest dirt and grime.
The product for oiled floors will clean and nourish the wood.

If Osmo oils were used:
Osmo Wash and Care contains moisturising substances which will maintain the beauty of your floor.
Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner – use this product before your floor looks dull.  It will give the surface a thorough clean and moisturise the wood.

Posted on 10/27/2017 by Alin Cristescu Home, Expert Advice 0 402

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