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Steps for obtaining a long lasting beautiful wooden floor

Steps for obtaining a long lasting beautiful wooden floor

Because we believe that wooden floors should be "crafted for life" we will focus on how to approach a project of this kind.

Indeed, when it comes to wooden floors, we have an overwhelming number of choices in terms of species, colours, dimensions, structural types, patterns, installation methods and materials.

Firstly it is recommended to narrow down all these options to the pattern that you prefer and colour.

The life of a wooden floor starts from the forest and ends up with last possible refinishing process. In between these we consider even 100 years.

Therefore the manufacturer / supplier is having  a very important influence upon your wooden floor. For this reason we recommend companies with a good reputation through decades, which didn't compromised the quality even when the majority started to cut corners. It matters a lot how the engineered substrate was made, how the wood was dried and many more aspects. For more we recommend to check Why quality wooden floors?

Also it is good to consider what type of wooden floor Engineered or solid wood?, if it will be Prefinished or Unfinished (Site-Finished) and what type of finish, Oiled or Lacquered

Alongside these important aspects the final result will be heavily influenced by the wood flooring craftsman. It is actually critical to have a good match, a wonderful wood installed by a good craftsman. If one of these is less than what it should be something will end-up wrong with the floor to say the least. To make a list of potential wood flooring installers we recommend to ask for recommendations from family and friends with similar expectations and also to go online to specialised directories like Checkatrade or Houzz. Always check for a proven track record of their workmanship through reviews and portfolios. We would never recommend to get in touch with any other companies or tradesmen than the ones specialised in wooden floors.

From our experience, it is highly beneficial for our clients as well as for us, to have a site visit before pronouncing over the technical aspects as well as the price. It is a huge risk just to discuss over the phone aspects which actually can be critical and give / get solutions without a strong base of information, i.e. the subfloor. Always look for the craftsman that respects his trade and for this reason he is willing to sacrifice his time for a proper project assessment.

During the site visit you should ask as many questions as possible regarding the various critical details either technical or visual related. Notice also if the flooring craftsman points new or unmentioned ones like the ideal installation method. Once the quotations arrives, spend some time to read through it. It should describe as much as possible in detail the project and what it involves. Quotations written on a half of a page contain just numbers, no obligations, responsibilities and aimed results.

Also the wood flooring craftsman should be able to explain and help with what would be the best choice in terms of wood, finishes, materials etc since he has a wealth of knowledge and experience.

The installation materials will make always a big difference. For example a quality adhesive which at the same time is flexible and strong to keep the widest boards in place will prove a very good choice since you floor will be solid for decades. Usually the types of installation materials are decided after a site survey and recommended by the flooring craftsman and is good to ask him for information about these especially that some work well only in conjunction with other specific products.

Posted on 06/09/2017 by Alin Cristescu Home, Expert Advice 0 492

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