Hardwood Floor Professional Deep Cleaning - Scrubbing

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Hardwood Floor Professional Deep Cleaning - Scrubbing: After a few years since the wooden floor installation that fresh and beautiful look is transformed now in a rather dull appearance especially in the high traffic areas.  And this despite the regular care and maintenance.


Hardwood Floor Professional Deep Cleaning - Scrubbing

As our motto is "crafted for life" we have in mind the longevity of your precious hardwood floor. For this reason we recommend to consider a regular cleaning  (see here)protecting (see here)  and maintaining (see here) the wooden floor. This will ad years to the lifespan of the floor. Yet, due to the daily activities which most take place over the floor, an unavoidable wearing will take place. It is good to notice this as early as possible and not to let the wearing process to take its course as the effect might lead to a more drastic approach: total sanding and refinishing.

For example, once you notice that fine greyish marks are deeply settled into the grains and cannot be removed through the regular cleaning process, or on some more frequent stepped areas the original colour is a bit hidden then its time to consider a professional deep cleaning or scrubbing service thus a future sanding and refinishing process in postponed.

A brief description of the wooden floor professional deep cleaning service:

Furniture: we highly recommend to consider clearing the working surface of all the furniture and items. We know that many times this is not possible or easy to do so we will move the furniture in an area on which will not work if available.

Wooden floor assessing: this stage is of critical importance as it will generate the best approach. Always a proper assessment is done before starting the the work. We will look for information like the thickness of the top coat of finish, type of finish, wood species, previous installation failures which need repairs (if approachable), deep dents or scratches.

Deep Scrubbing: once the work surface is cleared a thorough vacuuming will be done throughout to remove any presence of grit or remaining particles which may damage the hardwood floor during the next stage.
A concentrated professional cleaning / scrubbing solution will be diluted applied over the wooden floor and left for a few minutes to displace the ingrained dirt. Mechanically the substance will be buffed and whipped off. The surface will be carefully inspected and this stage might be repeated if we find heavily soiled areas.

Oil Finished Hardwood Floors: through the deep cleaning process the oil finish is thinned and an additional oil application has to be done to ensure a proper sealing of the wood grains. We will use a similar type of oil as originally applied. It is good to consider that the surface will be inaccessible while the oil cures.

Lacquer Finished Hardwood Floors: the lacquered surfaces usually do not need an additional coating if there aren't sings of hard wearing in which case we don't have successful options to correct them. Optionally a coat of Bona Polish can be applied.

Furniture back & felts: now all is done, the equipment loaded and the new floor looking wonderful and fresh. We will stick felt pads under the furniture and will rearrange it as it was initially.

Through the hardwood floor professional deep cleaning / scrubbing we achieve great results yet incomparable with sanding and refinishing if the floor is stained, dented or scratched.

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