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Superb Walnut boards in BR3 Beckenham

The main trait of this project was care and attention to details. Our client after a thorough analysis between materials and colours decided for a dark wooden floor and our recommendation was walnut. This wooden floor was part of an ample redecoration project for the downstairs hallway where was also the main entrance and I can say that we don't meet to often such a comprehensive planning of the the aspects that in the end make up a harmonious ambiance with a clear design aim.

As for so many times if the surface of the floor is not that big it doesn't mean that it's less demanding than a large one. Actually the difficulty level can increase due to the lack of space. Thus being said, we had to lift up the old carpet, strengthen the subfloor, undercut the already fitted skirting, apply liquid DPM on the concrete part of the floor. These preparatory stages were thoroughly planned and all should've worked smoothly, but we had an unexpected surprise as in the past someone glued vinyl tiles straight over the pine boards. This put a sudden brake to our work, the only viable solution being to painstakingly remove and scrape bit by bit with multi tools the old friable and well stuck vinyl. Another option might have been to install a layer of plywood but we had to leave this aside due to the final floor height increase compared with the kitchen tiles where the plan was to create a seamless joint, thus no threshold.

Having finished all the preparations we could concentrate on installing the walnut engineered boards. Measurements were taken to understand what would be the best alignment. Once we were satisfied with the calculated result the first board was glued down. After the installation was over the floor was lightly sanded and finished with 2 coats of polyx oil.

It was a demanding project but it was worth it when we saw how pleased were our clients with the final result.

Wooden Boards: Engineered Natural Walnut Unsealed WLNU/180 from The Natural Wood Floor CO

Dimensions: Width 180mm, Thickness 18mm, Length: various lengths.

Location: BR3 Beckenham

Posted on 03/25/2017 by Alin Cristescu Home, Recent projects 0 515

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