Stauf SPU 460 Wood flooring adhesive

Stauf SPU 460 Wood Flooring Adhesive: with  SPU-460  STAUF created a new product family which combines the well-proven safety of a one component PU adhesive with the health and safety benefits offered by silane technology.


Stauf SPU 460 Wood Flooring Adhesive: with  SPU-460  STAUF  created  a  new  product  family which combines the well-proven safety of a one component PU adhesive with the health and safety benefits offered  by  silane  technology.  The  basic  polyurethane structure  is  maintained,  however  the  less  critical  silane  groups  of  SMP  adhesives  replace  the  isocyanate groups  that  result  in  the  requirement  for  hazardous substance labeling of polyurethane adhesives.
Combination of these segments results in an adhesive category that possesses the hardening mechanisms of silane adhesives while its adhesive properties are also determined by the polyurethane content. The result is a SPU  adhesive,  which  has  the  favorable  GISCODE RS 10 classification and is therefore explicitly categorized as a substitute in terms of TRGS 610. In addition, the strengths achieved considerably exceed those of SMP adhesives. Moreover, it makes STAUF SPU-460 suitable  for  use with mechanically demanding wood flooring types where SMP adhesives will result in excessive and long-term dimensional changes. This „hybridization“ of  polyurethane and silane technologies guarantees an improved bond on different wood types and substrates.
However, the elasticity of SPU-460 is sufficiently high to effectively decouple substrates from stress in wood flooring and even with somewhat unstable substrates a reserve  for  composite  safety  is  ensured.  SPU-460 does not produce adverse interactions with substrates, other installation materials or wood flooring surface treatment agents. Furthermore the STAUF SPU-460 meets the demands of DIN 281.

Special features

  • no adverse interaction with STAUF waterborne finish systems;
  • can be applied to almost all substrate without primers;
  • adhesive residues easy to remove;
  • high shear strength;
  • solvent-free;
  • no labeling required;
  • water-free;
  • coloured version for dark timber types available (SPU-460 E).

Suitable for installation of

  • upright mosaic parquet lamellas, according to DIN EN 14761, from 16 mm thickness;
  • solid lamparquet products according to DIN EN 13227 up to 55 x 250 mm, min. 10 mm thickness;
  • solid planks;
  • multiple layer wood flooring according to DIN EN 13489;
  • mosaic parquet according to DIN EN 13488;
  • wood strip flooring according to DIN EN 13226;

Suitable sub floors

  • sanded mastic asphalt screed;
  • concrete C 25 / 30 according to DIN 1045 (non-skid surface);
  • calcium sulphate (flow) floors;
  • wooden planks, solid wood fibre boards;
  • STAUF levelling compounds for wood flooring;
  • chipboards V100 (E1), OSB boards;
  • cement floors.

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