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Which adhesive is recommended for gluing down a hardwood floor?

Which adhesive is recommended for gluing down a hardwood floor?

31 07-08-2019
Wood flooring has been used for thousands of years. However, glued down floors or stuck down wooden floors are a recent solution. As the wood flooring industry advanced more performant adhesives were needed to keep up the pace.
Do hardwood floors change colour over time? Expert Advice

Do hardwood floors change colour over time? Expert Advice

209 20-02-2019
The simple answer to this is yes, wood flooring will change colour over the years. Wood is a natural product and changes in colour will occur due to the wood’s reaction to the environment.

Curved Parquet Gives Kitchen Floor The Edge

537 25-01-2019
Fitting a new parquet wooden floor is rewarding because it can completely transform the look and feel of a room.This was particularly true for this project, which incorporated curved borders around the engineered parquet floor, designed to mirror and enhance the rounded features in a 1930’s house in Mitcham.

Mixing flooring style creates a floor with character

617 03-10-2018
This project in a Victorian flat conversion took an interesting mix and match approach, combining oak hardwood flooring with oak chevron parquet. As the same species of engineered wood was used in the same white finish, the two different floors work beautifully together. Each floor defines its own space, giving the rooms their own identity and introducing plenty of pattern along the way.

Our Restoration Work Improves a Rare Parquet Wooden Floor

575 03-05-2018
If you have a wooden floor that’s looking a bit tired and needs renovating, it always pays to use a professional company with plenty of experience. Without the know-how, it’s very easy to do more harm than good.

A complete soundproofing solution for a London flat

776 25-03-2018
If you live in a flat and want a wooden floor, the chances are you’ll need to install some sort of soundproofing. For the majority of customers, this will simply involve fitting an Impact Sound Reduction Membrane.

Natural Oak Boards in SW19 Wimbledon

726 07-04-2017
A wonderfully decorated large space became more elegant and warm welcoming with these wide and long oak boards installed all throughout. The discretely integrated hearth frames which we crafted from the same boards as the floor made the whole design even smarter.

Superb Walnut boards in BR3 Beckenham

910 25-03-2017
The main trait of this project was care and attention to details. Our client after a thorough analysis between materials and colours decided for a dark wooden floor and our recommendation was walnut.

Parquet Dining Table

1194 18-03-2017
Parquet Dining Table: we truly enjoy working with wood and our trade is more than a regular job for us. At Fin Wood we see more when looking at stacked pieces of wood. We have had for a while some wonderful engineered wood which was a surplus from past flooring installation projects. To be more precise for about half a year.

Narrow Engineered Oak boards installation in SW6 Fulham

1147 03-02-2017
The natural look of the oak in narrow and long boards creates a charming feel of being home. It is hard to tell exactly what are the particularities that turn these kind of wooden floors in warm welcoming areas.


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