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Grey oak engineered wood floor in N10 Muswell Hill - cool and practical

Although demanding we love tackling the special projects which require skills, care, attention to detail, full concentration but most of all thorough assessment and planning.
We can say about this project that it was very technical and through this we managed to achieve a beautiful decorative and pleasant result.

Just looking at the pictures our work is hidden by the clear simple and relaxing lines and joints. Yet it is good to notice the long line of the floor which is totally straight from one end of the home to the other despite the fact that the hallway has 2 steps which actually separate this long line into 3 sections. Of course the walls were not helping either at all with their misalignment. By the careful planning of the wooden floor construction we managed to minimise the space discontinuity as each long joint of the boards runs on the same line through out.

The centerpiece of the project was the stairway. Because of the many victorian decoration elements the classic stair cladding was the best choice. A nosing was used to join each tread with it's riser. The cut in stringer required a special approach as our cladding had to go under the already installed spindles. These steps have a lot of wonderfully executed details that it is actually hard to understand why they required such a considerable amount of time and effort.

At completion we all the Fin Wood team were totally pleased with the results. But this would've meant nothing if our clients were not delighted with the completed work. They were more than that and they were already forgetting the discomfort of having us in with our equipment for more than just a week.

Wooden Boards: Engineered Oak Silver-White Oiled OLS/180 from The Natural Wood Floor CO
Dimensions: Width 180mm, Thickness 18mm, Length: various lengths.
Location: N10 Muswell

Posted on 04/22/2017 by Alin Cristescu Home, Recent projects 0 512

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