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Oak Industrial Edge Parquet in SW17 Tooting

There are many ways to use wood for a floor. The industrial edge parquet is one less common in UK but highly prised in other parts of Europe.
We were glad to be called for this special project which was a welcome change in our standard requirements.

The first step was to clear away the old carpet and mdf type subfloor to reach the bare screed which had to be sealed with liquid DPM against potential moisture infiltration. Any high sections were grinded down. The skirting was removed as well.

After the completing the preparations we could proceed to measure the wall distances and thus to understand how to best position the first row for building a symmetrical floor. Once the starting line was set the first rows were installed and left to cure for the next day.

Due to the totally different installation approach the industrial edge parquet requires thorough sanding and a careful inspection for any possible flaws between grits. Once we were happy with the sanding the surface was prepared for applying the 2 coats of oil. The first one was Osmo Wood Wax Cognac and it was sealed with Osmo Polyx Clear Satin.

Indeed it was e demanding project but all was forgotten when we could admire the wonderful finished project.

Wood: Solid Oak Industrial Edge
Dimensions: Width 8mm, Thickness 22mm, Length 160mm.
Location:  SW17 Tooting

Posted on 07/01/2017 by Alin Cristescu Home, Recent projects 1 373

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  • tyson benton

    tyson benton 09/18/2017 Reply

    Hi There,

    Could I get a quote for supply and fit of 50 M sq of industrial parquet on edge to SE19 2UN for mid October if possible?

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