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Do hardwood floors change colour over time? Expert Advice

Do hardwood floors change colour over time? Expert Advice

309 20-02-2019
The simple answer to this is yes, wood flooring will change colour over the years. Wood is a natural product and changes in colour will occur due to the wood’s reaction to the environment.

Our Restoration Work Improves a Rare Parquet Wooden Floor

700 03-05-2018
If you have a wooden floor that’s looking a bit tired and needs renovating, it always pays to use a professional company with plenty of experience. Without the know-how, it’s very easy to do more harm than good.

Oak Industrial Edge Parquet in SW17 Tooting

831 01-07-2017
There are many ways to use wood for a floor. The industrial edge parquet is one less common in UK but highly prised in other parts of Europe. We were glad to be called for this special project which was a welcome change in our standard requirements.

Oak Herringbone Parquet Installation custom finished with white oil in SE22 Dulwich, London

1167 05-12-2016
Herringbone parquet, an everlasting classic which through the mix of grains directions and shades has a constantly story to tell.

Original Pine Boards Restoration, Sanding & Oiling, in Harrow, London

1014 02-07-2016
There is nothing more common than pine when it comes to wood species. But this pine floor is now extraordinary beautiful. We are a bit reluctant when we are called to restore the original pine boards as many times the expectations are similar to ones for a hardwood floor. There are some aspects related to these which have to be considered.

Original Pine Boards Restoration in Homerton, London

805 27-04-2016
We were called to restore these original pine boards. Due to repeated interventions during the past decades of plumbers and electricians the degradation process was accelerated for this floor.

Cork Floor Restoration at Metropolitan Tabernacle, Elephant and Castle, London

1611 16-04-2016
We were honoured to be chosen for such an important project: to restore the cork floor on aisles at the Metropolitan Tabernacle. The main purpose of this floor is to dampen the foot fall noise.
Wooden Floor Maintenance - Lacquer Finished Floors

Wooden Floor Maintenance - Lacquer Finished Floors

978 05-04-2016
Previously lacquered floors will need to periodically be re-finished. If the floor has been maintained using wax-based polish or similar, the floor will have to be sanded back to bare wood prior to a new lacquer application. If just cleaners or freshening products were used it is possible to apply further coats of finish just with a light sanding. The floor must be cleaned and lightly abraded.

Floor sanding Balham

1876 26-02-2016
A battered and quite neglected wooden floor brought back to its original beauty. This floor was composed actually of two wood species, solid oak boards in lounge and hallway and jatoba parquet, also known as brazilian cherry in kitchen.
What NOT to expect

What NOT to expect

1226 22-01-2016
What NOT to expect: Indeed our results are wonderful. Still it is beyond our possibilities to surpass given conditions. So this is the reason why this section is present.


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