Exotic Wooden Floors Showroom in Notting Hill, London

Special projects like this one demand a special approach. There were particular requirements for design, installation and sub-floor which where all fulfilled professionally.
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Special projects like this one demand a special approach. There were particular requirements for design, installation and sub-floor which where all fulfilled professionally.

The first challenge was to install the floor having in mind the high traffic of a high street showroom without damaging or compromising the existing porcelain tiles.
We had to come with a custom solution for this so we chose to combine two installation methods and choosing a non-marking flexible adhesive suitable for porcelain tiles. The task was made more difficult as there were design features which needed to be properly secured and connected to the rest of the floor.

The surface was divided in three sections.
On the front section we installed Cumaru Engineered Floor surrounded with a border made of the same material. The entrance ramp was also covered with same Cumaru boards making it part of the whole floor.

The middle section was dedicated for Solid Ipe boards. Yes, they were boards, but we were kindly asked if we could make a Ipe herringbone parquet out of the Ipe boards. So we started the process of fabricating individually more than 400 parquet blocks. I say fabricating because there was more than precisely cutting all of them at the same dimension. Each block was routed to properly fit into  the herringbone pattern. Definitely not a task for the impatient.  
A frame as well surrounds this Ipe floor.

On the back section we installed an unsealed Sucupira engineered floor. Because of the narrow passage we symmetrically aligned the boards to have the same width on both sides. As the frame is the common theme for this showroom we crafted for this section a border out of the same Sucupira boards.
After installation we finished the wooden floor with Osmo Polyx Oil Raw to preserve the beautiful and natural character of the wood.

Would you like to see this floor for yourself? Then come at Wood Stock Flooring, 109 Westbourne Grove, London W2 4UW.

Wood boards Front Section: Engineered Cumaru Laquered
Boards Dimensions: Width 195mm, Thickness 18mm, Various Length up to 2200mm.

Wood boards Middle Section: Solid Ipe Laquered
Boards Dimensions: Width 140mm, Thickness 19mm, Various Length up to 2200mm.

Wood boards Back Section: Engineered Sucupira, Unfinished
Boards Dimensions: Width 195mm, Thickness 19mm, Various Length up to 2134mm.

Location: Bermondsey, London

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