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Bespoke Brushed Effect Parquet Wood Flooring Fitted in Shepherd’s Bush, W14

392 18-07-2019
Did you know that you can achieve the look of a brushed wooden floor, without actually brushing the surface of the wood? This is exactly what we did for a project in a Victorian home in Shepherd’s Bush, London. The client was delighted with the end result, especially as our methods make the floor so easy to maintain.

Bespoke Wood Floor & Headboard Create Stunning A Home

706 31-05-2018
We knew exactly what to suggest for this brief, a bespoke end grain block wooden floor. This spectacular floor isn’t something you see very often nowadays, but before the introduction of concrete, it was commonly used in factories, as it’s incredibly strong and hardwearing.

Warehouse Conversion is Given an Update With a New Modern Wooden Floor

786 09-03-2018
Working on older properties can be a challenge but the end results are always spectacular. This project, in a converted warehouse in Bermondsey, was no exception. We replaced a dated laminate floor with a new dark engineered wood, which completely refreshed and enhanced the industrial style interior.

Oak Herringbone Parquet Custom Finished in SW17 Tooting

757 04-10-2017
The floor was carefully chosen by our clients which also had specific requirements for the design features. Our technical and aesthetic advice was taken also.

Classic Stairs Cladding with Oak boards and custom finishing in SE8 Deptford

921 04-05-2017
Stair cladding is one of our services that allows us to prove our skills. A particular aspect of this project was to seamlessly connect the cladded stairs with the landings which were already finished with luxury vinyl. It is a bit special since the thickness of our engineered boards used for cladding was surpassing the thickness of the vinyl surface with more than 7mm.

Parquet Dining Table

1331 18-03-2017
Parquet Dining Table: we truly enjoy working with wood and our trade is more than a regular job for us. At Fin Wood we see more when looking at stacked pieces of wood. We have had for a while some wonderful engineered wood which was a surplus from past flooring installation projects. To be more precise for about half a year.

Solid Oak Floor Restoration with custom finish and modern stair cladding in SW11 Battersea

1324 02-03-2017
It is always a pleasure for us to work for highly demanding clients which from the first meeting tell us precisely what are the requirements. This makes our planning and approach a lot more clear. Of course when the requirements are also high we have to double our efforts.

Oak Herringbone Parquet Installation and custom staining in SE10 North Greenwich, London

1369 27-01-2017
We don't receive to often such a particular request like we had for this project: to stain the main floor in one colour, the tramline in a distinct clear finish, and the border in the same colour as the main floor but in a distinct darker tone, having only oak as wood species.

Walnut Herringbone Parquet Installation custom stair cladding in SE5 Denmark Hill, London

1941 05-12-2016
A new home built and planned with attention to detail. The walnut was especially chosen by the architect to provide a contrast with the white walls and ceiling. To emphasise the beauty of the walnut floor and stairs the light was especially chosen and planned as well.

Oak Herringbone Parquet Installation custom finished with white oil in SE22 Dulwich, London

1192 05-12-2016
Herringbone parquet, an everlasting classic which through the mix of grains directions and shades has a constantly story to tell.


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