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Why You should Install Proper Soundproofing in Flats with Wooden Flooring

Why You should Install Proper Soundproofing in Flats with Wooden Flooring

5 18-07-2019
If you’ve ever thought about installing wood flooring in a flat or apartment, without adequate sound proofing, it’s definitely time to think again. Not only could you fall out with your neighbours, but you could also be left with a hefty legal bill.
How much does it cost to fit a wooden floor?

How much does it cost to fit a wooden floor?

311 18-03-2019
This is a commonly asked question, but it's impossible to answer with an exact figure, as there are so many different components which affect the price. This expert advice blog outlines these influencing factors, allowing you to be more informed when it comes to determining the costs involved.

Oak Floor Replaces New Carpet After House Refurbishment

451 12-10-2018
It’s natural to want to personalise a newly purchased home to reflect your own style and way of living. This was certainly the case for one of our recent projects...

Herringbone Parquet Replaces New Carpet and Transforms Home

586 11-10-2018
You can never have too much of a good thing. That’s what the homeowners of a converted Victorian property thought when it came to their new parquet wood floor. Initially we fitted the parquet, with a subtle grey oil finish, in the living room.

Mixing flooring style creates a floor with character

533 03-10-2018
This project in a Victorian flat conversion took an interesting mix and match approach, combining oak hardwood flooring with oak chevron parquet. As the same species of engineered wood was used in the same white finish, the two different floors work beautifully together. Each floor defines its own space, giving the rooms their own identity and introducing plenty of pattern along the way.
Wood flooring and Soundproofing: an Expert Advice

Wood flooring and Soundproofing: an Expert Advice

1275 23-05-2018
Planning to install a new wooden floor, but live in an older style flat? If you do, you will definitely need some sort of soundproofing to reduce noise and keep you and your neighbours happy.

A complete soundproofing solution for a London flat

722 25-03-2018
If you live in a flat and want a wooden floor, the chances are you’ll need to install some sort of soundproofing. For the majority of customers, this will simply involve fitting an Impact Sound Reduction Membrane.

Curved border and undercut skirting boards in Wimbledon

1042 21-11-2017
Curved border and undercut skirting boards create an elegant new parquet wooden floor in Wimbledon: we were delighted to receive a top review for being “skilful, professional and efficient” when we fitted an Aged Oak Ebony parquet wooden floor in a flat in Wimbledon, South London.

Natural Oak Boards with change of direction in SW1P Pimlico

889 20-06-2017
A challenging project due to the layout of the flat and the many details which needed our attention.

Subfloor levelling and Soundproofing in N1 Camden

643 03-06-2017
One of the most important stage in a wooden floor installation project is the subfloor preparation. Most often this stage is below the duration and complexity of the floor fitting itself but for this project is was the reverse.


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