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Hardwood floor restoration 

Hardwood floor restoration

Hardwood floor restoration: Your're contemplating now how beautiful your hardwood floor looked once. Time, heavy traffic and the general wear and tear of a busy modern home have taken their toll on your hardwood floor. As we believe a hardwood floor should last for life we can revive and bring your floor back to its original glory. Of course we do this using techniques to carefully sand just as much as needed. Thus we avoid shortening the years of your floor. 

So often we see around us how these interventions are done aggressively, removing a thick layer of wood and leaving your floor on the final stage of its life. 

If you are concerned about dust we are happy to tell that you'll be amazed how clean can be our sanding process. Try us! 

  • Floor Sanding and oil finish
    Floor Sanding and oil finish

    Floor Sanding and oil finish: oil enhances the natural beauty and durable nature of wood by penetrating the grain and hardening the wood fibres. All wooden floors will dent, scratch and receive damage over time. One of the benefits of an oiled floor is that there is no need to sand before any repairs. Just simply apply a similar oil onto the area. Also by replenishing the oil periodically sanding is postponed even up to 10 years or more.

    Ask us for more details! 

  • Floor Sanding and lacquer finish
    Floor Sanding and lacquer finish

    Floor Sanding and lacquer finish: we recommend lacquer for heavy trafficked hardwood floors like in hotels, restaurants or public areas where a scratch or two or more will not be such a problem. Also we will use lacquer if you require a high gloss finish for your floor.

    This type of finish acts like a like a screen which seals the wood, thus part of the wood's character is hidden. Due to the modern urethane based lacquers the application is fairly quick as each coat dries in about 2-3 hours. This is the reason for which many will insist that you should choose lacquer

    You may drop us a short message about this!

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