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Bona Mega revolutionized the world of finishes for wood flooring in 1995, with its innovative water-based formula and crosslink technology - creating polymer cross-links. Bona Mega is a waterborne oil-modified polyurethane varnish derived from pure, natural vegetable oil, suitable for protecting wooden floors in domestic areas and lightly trafficked commercial areas.


Bona Mega

Bona Mega is a waterborne oil-modified polyurethane varnish derived from pure, natural vegetable oil. It uses self-crosslinking technology to produce a durable film suitable for protecting wooden floors in domestic areas and lightly trafficked commercial areas. Bona Mega inhibits side-bonding effects and with its low permeability (moisture transport) it has a relaxing effect on the floor.

Bona Mega revolutionised the world of wood floor coatings in 1995 with its pioneering crosslinking technology in a waterborne formula. Today, Bona Mega still holds a unique position on the market due to its innovative formula that reacts with oxygen, giving the benefits of a two component product.

Containing vegetable oils, a renewable resource, Bona Mega remains a sustainable choice for the future. Choose Bona Mega Extra Matt for a truly flat matt finish.

Characteristics and advantages:

  • High resistance to wear, scuff marks and scratches;
  • Very good chemical resistance;
  • Meets DIN 18032:2 for slip resistance (gloss, silkmatt & matt);
  • Classified EC1 for very low emissions;
  • Approved by DIBt for better indoor air quality;
  • NMP and NEP free;
  • VOC 2010 compliant;

Technical specifications:

Type of varnish: Waterborne 1-component oil-modified polyurethane topcoat
Solids content: ~32%
VOC: - Gloss, silkmatt, matt = max 60 g/litre
- Extra matt = max 80g/litre
Resistance to wear: ~5 mg/100 revolutions (SIS 923509)
Sheen (at 60°): Gloss ~90%, Silkmatt ~50%, Matt ~25%, Extra Matt ~9%
Dilution: If required, dilute with Bona Retarder (4%) for longer open time.
Drying time, until: - Ready for sanding/recoating: 2½-3 hours (under normal climate conditions, 20°C/60% R.H.)
- Light use: 24 hours (under normal climate conditions, 20°C/60% R.H.)
- Full hardness: 7 days (under normal climate conditions, 20°C/60% R.H.)
Application tools: Bona Roller
Application rate: 8-10 m²/litre (120-100g/m²) per coat
Safety: Unclassified
Cleaning: Wipe tools free from residual material before cleaning with a minimum of water. Dried material can be removed with acetone.
Shelf life: Unclassified
Cleaning: 1 year from date of production in unopened original container
Storage/transport: The temperature must not fall below +5°C or exceed +25°C during storage and transport.
Disposal: Wastes and emptied containers should be handled in accordance with local regulations.


  • Gloss: 5 litres plastic recipient;
  • Silkmatt: 5 litres plastic recipient and 1litre plastic recipient;
  • Matt: 5 litres plastic recipient;
  • Extra Matt: 5 litres plastic recipient;


Prior to application the surface must be pre-treated with a waterborne primer from Bona. Ensure floor is acclimatized to its end-use environment, well sanded, dry and free from sanding dust, oil, wax and other contamination. Allow varnish to reach room temperature, insert filter and shake the container thoroughly before use.  

Optimal application conditions are between 18-25°C and 40-60% relative air humidity. High temperatures and low humidity shorten, low temperatures and high humidity lengthen drying time. Minimum temperature for use is 13°C.

Preparation of previously varnished floors Bona Mega can with an addition of 2% Bona Crosslinker be used for overcoating previously varnished floors (for factory pre-finished floors use Bona Traffic) but the intercoat adhesion must always be checked prior to use! Floors treated with wax, polish or similar can not be overcoated. Prior to application, the floor should be treated with Bona Prep.

Addition of Bona Crosslinker: After having determined the quantity of varnish required, first dilute the amount of crosslinker to be added (2%) with an equal volume of water and shake well. Add the mixture (crosslinker+water) directly to the varnish and shake carefully. The mixture of varnish+crosslinker must be used within 8 hours.

Treatement schedule:

Untreated wood:
1x   Bona Waterborne Primer
1x   Light sanding grit 150
2-3x   Bona Mega
Previously varnished surfaces:
1x   Bona Prep System
1-2x   Bona Mega + 2% Crosslinker


  1. Apply the varnish using a Bona Roller. Roll with a smooth flowing motion alternately across and with the grain of the wood avoiding accumulations of product. Always maintain a “wet edge” to avoid overlaps. Allow to dry before applying further layers of varnish. Anticipate slightly longer drying time for each layer that is applied.
  2. If necessary make an intermediate sanding using a screen or the Bona Scrad System grit P150 (or finer) and remove dust before applying the final layer of varnish. Note: If the previous layer of varnish has been allowed more than 24 hours drying time then an intermediate sanding is always required.

The floor will take light foot traffic approximately 8 hours after the final application. Allow the surface to dry for at least 1 week before covering with carpets or other floor coverings, or loading with heavy objects. Also avoid damp mopping the floor during this time.


Clean the floor with Bona Cleaner or Bona Wood Floor Cleaner and a microfibre pad. For maintenance and upkeep of the surface, floors can be overcoated at intervals with additional coats of varnish. The frequency of this operation can be greatly reduced if Bona Freshen Up or Bona Wood Floor Refresher is applied periodically. This will restore the appearance of a dull floor whilst still allowing further coats of varnish to be applied without the need for sanding the floor back to bare timber.

Important notes:

The information provided is prepared to the best of our current knowledge and makes no claim to be complete. Users are responsible for establishing that the product and recommendations herein are fit for the designated purpose, wood type and present situation before use. Bona can only guarantee the delivered product. A professional and thereby successful application of the product is beyond our control. If in doubt make a preliminary test. Users are required to read and understand all information contained on package labels and safety data sheets before using this product.

A video presentation from Bona:

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Bona Mega revolutionized the world of finishes for wood flooring in 1995, with its innovative water-based formula and crosslink technology - creating polymer cross-links. Bona Mega is a waterborne oil-modified...
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