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Parquet installation London

Parquet installation: a parquet wooden floor is timeless in terms of looks and design. Of course is better suited in classical home or into a victorian decoration. Although, if the battens are well chosen, this type of floor may be a fantastic feature in a modern ambient. The beauty of a parquet floor lies in the pattern which starts from the most common, herringbone, and may end where imagination ends. Also there are many options for the floor perimeter. You may opt for single or double border, with inset, with the corners mitered or you may just keep everything simple putting the emphasis on the natural beauty of the wood.

Of course these kind of projects do require planning ahead, skills, time and patience but we are always prepared to meet your high expectations with our craftsmanship...

The engineered parquet was designed to cope well with humidity variations in the surrounding air and to be suitable for UHF (underfloor heating).

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Chevron flooring: engineered or solid, chevron flooring (known as Hungarian point) used wooden battens cut at various angles. A true classic European pattern. The angle difference changes the way the light reflects...
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