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Modern stair cladding 

Modern stair cladding

Modern stair cladding: feel free to enjoy our simple, seamless, nosing-less stairs. The aim is to use only wide boards for both risers and treads and just purely joining them without adding extra trims or nosing profiles. They look more robust and actually they strengthen the whole staircase. 

Although they look simple it is much more involved in crafting them. So we developed a special method to achieve this high standard.

Would you like us to craft a set for you?

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  • Stair Cladding - Modern look: the modern cladded stairs look solid and pure. They possess a strong sculptural quality and have a very commanding presence in the overall design. These stairs, as beautiful as they are, blend seamlessly with the floor. That’s why we call them also seamless steps. A wonderful option for those looking for a subtle aesthetic.

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