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Hardwood floor installation 

Hardwood floor installation

Hardwood floor installation: from solid wood or engineered type floor, each project that we start must reach your expectations. No matter how complex the task is, we follow the highest quality standards.

Browse our hardwood floor installation services and choose the one that suits you!

  • Fitting engineered flooring
    Fitting engineered flooring

     Fitting engineered flooring: there are a few considerable advantages which you may have by opting for fitting an engineered wood flooring. Below there are some of the most significant:

    • the boards can reach to impressive lengths and widths;
    • will cope very well with humidity variations in the surrounding air, not cupping or warping;
    • suitable for UHF (underfloor heating)

         For extended information you may visit our special section (bolg post) Engineered or solid wood

    As most of the time the engineered boards come in long sizes it is wrongly assumed that this will make the installation a carefree one. If the fitting team is inexperienced may accidentally produce wrong cuts which can make the boards unusable and thus square meters are lost. This will jeopardise the completion of the whole flooring project.

  • Fitting solid flooring
    Fitting solid flooring

    Fitting solid flooring: when considering a solid wooden flooring we recommend to consider during all its lifetime a constant care against humidity high or low. They are prone to absorb and lose moisture and this will lead to gaps between boards, cracked boards or swollen floor.

    They can hardly provide all the benefits of an engineered floor. Yet they possess a unique feature: a few manufacturers (i.e. Junkers) can provide boards above 20mm thickness which actually increases the layer above the tongue level. In other words this may add decades to your floor lifespan. This is how 100 years old wooden floors were made...

  • Fitting engineered parquet
    Fitting engineered parquet

    Fitting engineered parquet: a parquet wooden floor is timeless in terms of looks and design. Of course is better suited in classical home or into a victorian decoration. Although, if the battens are well chosen, this type of floor may be a fantastic feature in a modern ambient.

    The engineered parquet was designed to cope well with humidity variations in the surrounding air and to be suitable for UHF (underfloor heating).

  • Fitting solid parquet
    Fitting solid parquet

    Fitting solid parquet: the beauty of a parquet floor lies in the pattern which starts from the most common, herringbone, and may end where imagination ends. Also there are many options for the floor perimeter. You may opt for single or double border, with inset, with the corners mitered or you may just keep everything simple putting the emphasis on the natural beauty of the wood.

    Of course these kind of projects do require planning ahead, skills, time and patience but we are always prepared to meet your high expectations with our craftsmanship...

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  • Versaille panel flooring also known as Versaille parquet has a history which dates from the 17th century. As the french name suggests it was first designed and installed in the magnificent France’s chateaux. Since then the installation and finishing techniques have remained almost unchanged until the second half of the 20th century when all the wood...

  • Rustic Oak Flooring: or distressed oak flooring can be an amazing solution to achieve that mountain chalet look. If the most natural feel possible is required then this is the wooden floor we recommend. It is also a very forgiving floor. The dents and scratches will not become so obvious since they will mix with the natural imperfections.

    2 Reviews
  • Engineered Herringbone wood flooring with border: Herringbone is one of the first parquet pattern emerged in Europe and also is the most common. To achieve a classical look enriched through craftsmanship all around the perimeter a border can be installed.This opens an almost endless list of decorative options.

    1 Review
  • Jatoba flooring - Jatoba Engineered wood flooring: Jatoba, sometimes referred to as Brazilian cherry, due to its luxurious, exotic appearance, and also thanks to its durability has been increasing in popularity over the years as a hardwood flooring option. Jatoba is a hardwood, almost twice as strong as oak. Because of its great durability, jatoba floors...

  • Herringbone solid wood parquet flooring: Herringbone is one of the first parquet pattern emerged in Europe and also is the most common. Parquet is the floor of floors among wooden floors, mainly because of it’s cost and the craftsmanship needed for installation. Also because of the final exceptional look. Herringbone solid parquet battens come in...

    3 Reviews
  • Fitting wide oak boards engineered: the wider and longer the board the more beautiful becomes your floor. It is an impressive sight as it stretches majestically across the expanse of the surface. These boards are proportionately long as well, and they hold a secret: a minimum number of joints created into your floor.

    28 Reviews
  • Fitting Smoked Oak Solid Wood Floors: smoked oak or fumed oak is obtained through ammonia fuming. This is wood finishing process that darkens wood and makes the grain pattern more visible. The wood is exposed to fumes from a strong chemical solution which reacts with the tannins in the wood. The best results are obtained with white oak as it contains a...

    6 Reviews
  • Fitting Natural Look Solid Wood Floors: there’s a unique elegance in a natural look solid wood floor. The beauty of natural wood lies in its infinite and peculiar variations in knots, grains and colour. Through these, once completed, your floor will be matchless. It's quite common to have special knots and splits and these blemishes add character!

    5 Reviews
Showing 1 - 8 of 16 items

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