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Fitting solid parquet 

Fitting solid parquet

Fitting solid parquet: the beauty of a parquet floor lies in the pattern which starts from the most common, herringbone, and may end where imagination ends. Also there are many options for the floor perimeter. You may opt for single or double border, with inset, with the corners mitered or you may just keep everything simple putting the emphasis on the natural beauty of the wood.

Of course these kind of projects do require planning ahead, skills, time and patience but we are always prepared to meet your high expectations with our craftsmanship...

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  • Versaille panel flooring also known as Versaille parquet has a history which dates from the 17th century. As the french name suggests it was first designed and installed in the magnificent France’s chateaux. Since then the installation and finishing techniques have remained almost unchanged until the second half of the 20th century when all the wood...

  • Engineered Herringbone wood flooring with border: Herringbone is one of the first parquet pattern emerged in Europe and also is the most common. To achieve a classical look enriched through craftsmanship all around the perimeter a border can be installed.This opens an almost endless list of decorative options.

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  • Herringbone solid wood parquet flooring: Herringbone is one of the first parquet pattern emerged in Europe and also is the most common. Parquet is the floor of floors among wooden floors, mainly because of it’s cost and the craftsmanship needed for installation. Also because of the final exceptional look. Herringbone solid parquet battens come in...

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