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Fitting engineered parquet 

Fitting engineered parquet

Fitting engineered parquet: a parquet wooden floor is timeless in terms of looks and design. Of course is better suited in classical home or into a victorian decoration. Although, if the battens are well chosen, this type of floor may be a fantastic feature in a modern ambient.

The engineered parquet was designed to cope well with humidity variations in the surrounding air and to be suitable for UHF (underfloor heating).

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  • Versaille panel flooring also known as Versaille parquet has a history which dates from the 17th century. As the french name suggests it was first designed and installed in the magnificent France’s chateaux. Since then the installation and finishing techniques have remained almost unchanged until the second half of the 20th century when all the wood...

  • Engineered Herringbone wood flooring: Herringbone is one of the first parquet pattern emerged in Europe and also is the most common. Parquet is the floor of floors among wooden floors, mainly because of it’s cost and the craftsmanship needed for installation. Also because of the final exceptional look. Engineered Herringbone parquet battens come in...

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  • Engineered chevron flooring parquet installation: chevron engineered flooring parquet (known as Hungarian point) is made from battens cut at various angles. A true classic European pattern. The angle difference changes the way the light reflects over the floor. The chevron engineered parquet is the second most preferred pattern after herringbone.

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