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Fitting engineered flooring 

Fitting engineered flooring

 Fitting engineered flooring: there are a few considerable advantages which you may have by opting for fitting an engineered wood flooring. Below there are some of the most significant:

  • the boards can reach to impressive lengths and widths;
  • will cope very well with humidity variations in the surrounding air, not cupping or warping;
  • suitable for UHF (underfloor heating)

     For extended information you may visit our special section (bolg post) Engineered or solid wood

As most of the time the engineered boards come in long sizes it is wrongly assumed that this will make the installation a carefree one. If the fitting team is inexperienced may accidentally produce wrong cuts which can make the boards unusable and thus square meters are lost. This will jeopardise the completion of the whole flooring project.

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  • Rustic Oak Flooring: or distressed oak flooring can be an amazing solution to achieve that mountain chalet look. If the most natural feel possible is required then this is the wooden floor we recommend. It is also a very forgiving floor. The dents and scratches will not become so obvious since they will mix with the natural imperfections.

    2 Reviews
  • Jatoba flooring - Jatoba Engineered wood flooring: Jatoba, sometimes referred to as Brazilian cherry, due to its luxurious, exotic appearance, and also thanks to its durability has been increasing in popularity over the years as a hardwood flooring option. Jatoba is a hardwood, almost twice as strong as oak. Because of its great durability, jatoba floors...

  • Fitting wide oak boards engineered: the wider and longer the board the more beautiful becomes your floor. It is an impressive sight as it stretches majestically across the expanse of the surface. These boards are proportionately long as well, and they hold a secret: a minimum number of joints created into your floor.

    28 Reviews
  • Fitting narrow oak boards engineered: when the intended purpose is to create an authentic elegant classic style the long and narrow boards are the ideal solution. Because of their width the number of joints is increased therefore a busy effect might show up. To avoid this, the boards with small bevels or none are best suited. Also the longer the better....

    16 Reviews
  • Fitting Grey Engineered Oak Flooring: grey hardwood flooring is becoming more popular. It offers a more neutral palette that can assorted with intense furnishings. Many auction houses exhibit prized items on matte grey display stands because this colour offers the maximum potential to make detail stand out. Grey flooring also suits well in houses where a...

    8 Reviews
  • Fitting engineered boards - Light coloured: like the walls, a floor is a blank canvas and can set the design tone for the rest of the room. When choosing a light engineered flooring get inspired from your current ambiance as furniture, walls. Light engineered boards will create the feeling of a larger space and according to the amount of the natural light...

    25 Reviews
  • Fitting engineered boards - Dark coloured: there is an elegant sophistication that dark engineered floors display. Whether it’s the mystery behind the dark colour or it’s the dramatic feeling they bring to interiors, dark engineered boards are well esteemed. Many are thinking that they can make a room feel too gloomy and cold but dark hardwood floors can...

    11 Reviews
  • Engineered Walnut Flooring: Walnut flooring has a unique style which combines opulence and durability. Engineered Walnut flooring are amongst the most beautiful and are currently becoming more fashionable for contemporary homes due to its timeless elegance. Walnut has a primarily straight grain but can also have natural veining...

    5 Reviews
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