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Why You should Install Proper Soundproofing in Flats with Wooden Flooring

Why You should Install Proper Soundproofing in Flats with Wooden Flooring

5 18-07-2019
If you’ve ever thought about installing wood flooring in a flat or apartment, without adequate sound proofing, it’s definitely time to think again. Not only could you fall out with your neighbours, but you could also be left with a hefty legal bill.

Stair cladding & Wood flooring makes a lasting impression in Wimbledon

421 10-02-2019
For our latest project we removed a damaged jatoba wooden floor from a house in Wimbledon, replacing it with a lighter pre-oiled oak floor. The new flooring was fitted in two reception rooms, three flights of curving stairs and the landings.

Curved Parquet Gives Kitchen Floor The Edge

478 25-01-2019
Fitting a new parquet wooden floor is rewarding because it can completely transform the look and feel of a room.This was particularly true for this project, which incorporated curved borders around the engineered parquet floor, designed to mirror and enhance the rounded features in a 1930’s house in Mitcham.

Herringbone Parquet Replaces New Carpet and Transforms Home

586 11-10-2018
You can never have too much of a good thing. That’s what the homeowners of a converted Victorian property thought when it came to their new parquet wood floor. Initially we fitted the parquet, with a subtle grey oil finish, in the living room.
Floor Levelling Explained:  An Expert Guide

Floor Levelling Explained: An Expert Guide

342 20-09-2018
Wonky, uneven and sloping floors are a common feature in older properties and so we often get asked how to level an uneven floor for wood flooring. The most cost-effective method depends on the construction of the subfloor. In older properties with wooden joists (suspended floors), we tend to strengthen the joists with new wood joists.

1970’s House Updated with Improved Subfloor & New Parquet Floor

768 06-07-2018
In the case of wood flooring, preparation is key. If your subfloor isn’t strong and level, then a new wooden floor won’t ever look or perform as well as it should. For this project in a 1970’s house, we ripped out the old laminate floor to find huge holes in the subfloor.
Underfloor Heating & Wood Flooring: An Expert Guide

Underfloor Heating & Wood Flooring: An Expert Guide

745 03-07-2018
Underfloor heating (UFH) is as popular as ever and we are very experienced at fitting wood flooring with it. Wood is totally compatible with underfloor heating and there’s nothing better than a warm feeling underfoot.

Bespoke Wood Floor & Headboard Create Stunning A Home

554 31-05-2018
We knew exactly what to suggest for this brief, a bespoke end grain block wooden floor. This spectacular floor isn’t something you see very often nowadays, but before the introduction of concrete, it was commonly used in factories, as it’s incredibly strong and hardwearing.
Wood flooring and Soundproofing: an Expert Advice

Wood flooring and Soundproofing: an Expert Advice

1275 23-05-2018
Planning to install a new wooden floor, but live in an older style flat? If you do, you will definitely need some sort of soundproofing to reduce noise and keep you and your neighbours happy.

A complete soundproofing solution for a London flat

722 25-03-2018
If you live in a flat and want a wooden floor, the chances are you’ll need to install some sort of soundproofing. For the majority of customers, this will simply involve fitting an Impact Sound Reduction Membrane.


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