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Bespoke Brushed Effect Parquet Wood Flooring Fitted in Shepherd’s Bush, W14

122 18-07-2019
Did you know that you can achieve the look of a brushed wooden floor, without actually brushing the surface of the wood? This is exactly what we did for a project in a Victorian home in Shepherd’s Bush, London. The client was delighted with the end result, especially as our methods make the floor so easy to maintain.
It Is Worth Restoring Old Pine Floorboards?

It Is Worth Restoring Old Pine Floorboards?

93 29-06-2019
Most people are delighted when they discover original pine wooden floorboards hiding under their carpets. However, what starts out as an exciting discovery doesn’t always lead to the dream floor that homeowners expect. Are pine wood floors durable and are they worth renovating? To answer this question, it’s time to go back and find out how the boards were made and originally used.

Mixing flooring style creates a floor with character

619 03-10-2018
This project in a Victorian flat conversion took an interesting mix and match approach, combining oak hardwood flooring with oak chevron parquet. As the same species of engineered wood was used in the same white finish, the two different floors work beautifully together. Each floor defines its own space, giving the rooms their own identity and introducing plenty of pattern along the way.

Solid Oak Floor Restoration with custom finish and modern stair cladding in SW11 Battersea

1194 02-03-2017
It is always a pleasure for us to work for highly demanding clients which from the first meeting tell us precisely what are the requirements. This makes our planning and approach a lot more clear. Of course when the requirements are also high we have to double our efforts.

Oak Herringbone Parquet Installation custom finished with white oil in SE22 Dulwich, London

1056 05-12-2016
Herringbone parquet, an everlasting classic which through the mix of grains directions and shades has a constantly story to tell.

Oak Engineered Boards Installation, custom finished with white oil SW19 Southfields, London

1120 30-09-2016
After preparing the sub-floor measurements were taken to find the best alignment and symmetrical layout paying more attention to the focus areas like the fireplace, doors, walls etc

Original Pine Boards Restoration, Sanding & Oiling, in Harrow, London

939 02-07-2016
There is nothing more common than pine when it comes to wood species. But this pine floor is now extraordinary beautiful. We are a bit reluctant when we are called to restore the original pine boards as many times the expectations are similar to ones for a hardwood floor. There are some aspects related to these which have to be considered.

Oak Engineered Wood Floor Installation and Oil Finishing in Beckenham, London

1195 24-06-2016
According to the natural light direction, walls parallelism and room widths we chose the alignment which values most this wonderful floor. The concrete sub-floor had to be grinded to remove the raised areas which may cause the new floor to become unstable.

Engineered Oak Flooring in Kennington, London

706 27-07-2015
The fireplace became the focal point of this small area thanks to this beautiful seamless frame crafted around it. We suggested wide and long boards as well as light or natural finished to create the impression of an expanded space.

Brushed Engineered Oak Boards fitting

930 16-07-2015
This small but chic London flat was radically transformed with a natural oak flooring. The four steps are the centrepiece which connects two separate floors. We were happy when the client chose these superb Ted-Todd boards, according to our recommendation.


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